Restaurant Table Management

Our dining room management software includes all the benefits and features of Reservationist and our online reservation widget solutions. The easy to use interface delivers improved operations in your dining room, that puts you in control, while connecting directly to our event planning and social media & marketing engine.


Timely Details Matter

The goal of every restaurant is to meet or exceed the expectations of your guests. This begins with staff anticipation & preparation using the most extensive customer dining profiles in the industry.  This leads to what happens once the guest arrives.  Your staff is armed with what they need to deliver the best dining experience possible.  TableWatch helps deliver timely details & communication with your guests. 

  • • Includes all the features of Reservationist
  • • Detailed guest "chits" inform servers and kitchen when guests are seated 
  • • Turn pre-assigned tables up to four times per session
  • • View guest's dining profile & history during the reservation process
  • • Server cover count tracking and rotation
  • • Dynamic table management - join tables on the fly
  • • Reduce unseated table times with our Dining Room Optimizer
  • • iPad and tablet wait-list and seating management

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The Guest Experience or Moment

Ensuring your guests can relax and enjoy themselves means getting the timing right - all the time. Prompt, courteous service reflects high standards and professionalism. This is true for any hospitality concept and at any price point. Time impacts value, service, food & ambiance. The wrong timing can throw any of these off. Our tools work together to ensure host, service & culinary teams properly manage the guest’s time every step of the way..

  • • Text or email reminders keep the reservation list accurate
  • • Digital signatures for large party agreements reduce errors and staff tasks
  • • Graphically move and join tables for large parties.
  • • Pre-assign tables to VIPs and large parties well in advance
  • • Automated "Thank You" text or email surveys encourage feedback to your managers before guests get online

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Dining Room Cycle

We all know the host stand can be a choke point in dining room flow. We need to protect this place. If not properly guarded, guests can quickly line up at the door, servers distract by asking who’s next to be seated, the culinary team wants to know what’s the latest count, then there’s the ringing phone, daily duties and the ongoing list of the unexpected. Disorganization can quickly creep in on the guest’s arrival and departure experience. Being able to run the dining room with smartphones, tablets, Mac/PC computers with email & text communications ensures chaos never creeps in.

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