Affordable Reservation Management

Reservationist provides affordable restaurant reservation management by phone and our online booking widgets. Installing our “Reservations” tab on your Facebook page takes literally seconds. Cloud-based architecture keeps everyone on the same page and we don’t charge per-reservation fees or per-user fees, so you get full access to your system from any computer.


Advanced Reservation Management

Improve your restaurant table reservation management and customer relationships with advanced, automated communications. Build your own customer database and reservation log that includes full dining history across multiple locations, guest photo, dining preferences, special events & parties, manager notes, customer status and type. 

  • • No per-reservation fees
  • • Unlimited users and computer installations - no additional “license” fees
  • • Multi-Location Management – toggle between different locations
  • • View guest’s dining profile & history during the reservation process
  • • Automated email or text confirmations & reminders for guests
  • • Print dining room reservations & reports
  • • Keep online reservation guests on your branded website – not a 3rd party
  • • Change availability by closing meal periods, time slots, or party sizes
  • • VIP notifications - know when your guests book and when they arrive
  • • Email customized contracts for large party bookings
  • • Promote future events on Twitter, Facebook and your restaurant website • Enable guest's option to create their Personalized Dining Profile – invaluable information at your fingertips

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Personal Dining Profiles

Anticipating guest needs & expectations while matching available inventory are the cornerstone of a fully prepared dining room. Your guests now have a fun and easy way to inform you of the details they find important so that you have a solid understanding of your customer’s expectations. We equip your management & service teams with the information and tools they need to create the best dining experience possible.

  • • View guest’s dining profile & dining history during the reservation process.
  • • No more outdated contact information: any updates by your customers syncs up automatically with your database.

Having a direct connection to your guest’s personal dining needs in a social arena, where your restaurant’s details are naturally promoted, has the potential to build new and lasting relationships that don’t cost you a dime. Help your customers share…. they really want to.

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Brand Manager Integration

Reservationist & BrandManager work together to so you have a complete, affordable set of tools to grow your business while building a recognizable brand that stands out from the crowd.

  • • Manage campaigns & promotions for display in your booking widget.
  • • Easily opt-in guests to your mailing lists- walk-ins & reservations alike!.
  • • Automated Birthday & Anniversary emails with promos that link to your booking page.
  • • Automated twitter responses to flagged key words or phrases. 
  • • Stay engaged with online guests via central feed from all your social media platforms.

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Try Our Online Booking Widget

Use the sample widget below to explore how RestaurantConnect’s online reservation experience goes “Beyond the Booking.”

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