Improve your Guest Loyalty with advanced, automated communications. Build your own guest database that includes easily accessible information such as personal guest info & photo, dining preferences, special events, manager notes, customer status and type.

  • Guest Profile
    • View guest’s dining profile & history during the reservation process.
    • One-touch management text or email notifcation about VIPs or dissatisfied guests.
    • Detailed individual guest history of past and future reservations.
    • Guests can maintain their own personal dining profile, indicating their favorite table, server, food, beverage and more.
    • Quick search & filter features to find reservations by name, phone number, email or other paramaters.
    • You own your guest database, not us!
  • Guest Communications
    • Guests can indicate their preferred mode of communications in their personal dining profile.
    • Automatic confirmations, reminders and "Thank You" messages sent to guests.
    • Automatic survey invitations sent to guests. Guest survey ratings are not posted online.
    • Host can add personal note to reservation confirmation.
    • Guest host can "invite" other people in their party and add a personal note. Invitees can respond to the guest host's invitation and indicate their attendance or not. These details are noted in the reservation details.
    • Create multiple "Agreement Templates" to cover large parties, events, special ocassions or other reasons. Digital signature feature eliminates faxes.
  • Critical Insight
    • Submitted guest survey ratings are sent to management for action. System tracks manager response times for senior management.
    • Important, as well as unruly guests can be flagged so taht individual or multiple managers are notified when a booking is made.
    • Reservationist will warn staff when exceeding either party size limits or overall cover limits. Optional management override can be required.
    • System will warn staff about duplicate reservations by a guest.
    • Interactive system will highlight both reservation and wait-list bookings approaching "No Show" limits.
    • Optional integrated credit card hold system. Activate for special occasions, certain party size or only certain days.
    • Central reservations capability provided at no extra cost. Minimize labor costs across multiple locations.
  • Exponential Growth
    • Promotion of the guest host's ability to send invites results in more invitees getting added to your guest database.
    • Guests have access to multiple social media platforms to share their experiences at their favorite restaurant. Sharing results in database growth.
    • Guests can book online using Facebook, Linked-in or Google+. Any publice information is added to your guest database.
    • "Thank You" messages and surveys are sent to invitees as well as the guest host. This results in a broader sampling, plus guest database growth.
    • Multiple location clients can share a common guest database to gain key frequency and dining patterns. Create your own loyalty progam based on your needs!

Reservationist Screen Samples

Main Reservations Dashboard

  • Instantly see all pertinent reservation details for each guest
  • Time-slot headers show total people and tables booked
  • Special occasion icons instantly inform staff of the nature and size of the celebration
  • One click gains access to the booking detail to make changes

Detail Reservation Screen

  • Easily change date, time, meal period and covers
  • Change log allows everyone to track changes and who made them
  • • Guest preferences are automatically displayed as well as booking history
  •  Most recent submitted guest survey is displayed automatically

Digital Signature for Large Groups

  • Send detailed reservation policies to large groups and have them sign-off to avoid no shows
  • • Include menu PDF documents, pictures and other details
  • • Signed document is accessible from the the main booking screen
  • • Create as many templates as you need for all sorts of booking situations

Detailed Reporting

  • • Reservation analysis reports provide the insights to better understand the booking trends at your restaurant
  • • Clearly defined parameters highlight unacceptable shifts in no shows and cancellations
  • • Use booking patterns to refine staffing demands by meal period or for the whole day
  • • Use segmented guest reports for targeted marketing 

Reservationist System Wide Features

Also applies to TableWatch

No Limits
  • No limit to the number of concurrent users.
  • No limit to the number of register devices.
  • No limit to the number of bookings made.
  • No extra charges for any online bookings.
  • No contract - cancel at any time.
  • 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.
Inovative Development
  • 1st - Text confirmations.
  • 1st - Large party agreement templates.
  • 1st - Internal management text messaging.
  • 1st - Extensive guest profile & booking history.
100% Cloud-Based
  • Access your system data from anywhere.
  • No need to rent specialized hardware.
  • Access from any web enabled device.
  • Redundant servers ensure system security.

Reservationist Applications

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