Event Planning Software

We have the solution to your Event Planning and Restaurant Catering challenges!

Where can it be used?

Event tables in banquet hall.

• Private Dining Room Management
• Catering Management
• Restaurant Catering
• Event Planning
• Event floor plans
• Corporate Dining Room management
• Corporate Event Planning 
• Party Planner
• Wedding Planner



• Automatically emails ‘Welcome’ packet to potential new clients and leads. Our system ensures that your event planning process gets off to a good start.
• Book any type of event with our Event Management software as its functionality can accommodate or exceed the
expectations of most users of existing event planning and catering software on the market today.
• View the entire Banquet Event Order in the event summary screen. Then "drill down" to get into the event details.
• Build Event Orders and Specialized Menus from our event templates.
• Toggle between different locations for centralized Private Event management that is great for event planners who deal with off-site catering management situations.
• Generate Event Contracts for your clients, and "Event Packets" for distribution to managers, chefs, and service teams. This streamlined and automated approach to event planning makes overall project management a breeze.
• View all your events and cover counts, for any day of the year for a quick insight into the overall event load and what areas require more resources.

    • One license fee per venue/location: unlimited software installations & concurrent users

    • Access the software from the restaurant, office, home, on the road – anywhere

    • Receive online event inquiries through your website, plus Google Places and Facebook pages!

    • No booking charges!

“With strength behind the scenes, we help create and develop better relationships between hospitality businesses and their guests.”